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False Eyelashes Blog was created with the intention of providing unbiased lash and beauty advice to anyone, anywhere. Readers can send in questions asking for honest lash products and techniques recommendations or just browse our blog for hundreds of tips, tutorials and reviews.

We are passionate about false eyelashes and everything that has to do with falsies of all different shapes and sizes!  We are industry pros in makeup and cosmetics that write false lashe how to’s,  reviews, creative tips, lash looks and new product introductions.   Our passionate pros here provide all of that plus in deph reviews,  lash photos and looks, and give you some top notch industry tips and tricks all plus more for free!

Look for informative makeup and lash of  the day reviews and informative on false eyelash basics and tips from the pros.  Here you will learn that not all false lashes are created equal. Take a look and have a read. Find informative posts and see how the our lash blog can help you and make your lash routine a little bit more easier.

Here are a few false eyelashes tips to get you started. Make sure to sign up to our list for more great tips and tricks

  • If you find falsies lashes difficult to apply then cut them in half  before applying. This way you will have more control.
  • Good lash glue is essential and really does make the world of difference. Make sure to use latex free glue if you have latex sensitivity.
  • When waiting for the glue on a full set of false eyelashes to dry push them into the lash line using a gently with your fingers or false lash applicator.  This will ensure the lash band get as close to the lash line as possible for better blend in with your natural eyelashes.
  • If you get any eyelash adhesive on your eyelid.  Simply allow the adhesive to dry and use a dense eyeshadow brush to ‘buff’ it off.
  • If you are using color false lashes, don’t apply any mascara.
  • Falsies lashes should be remove nightly to they last longer. Store them in a case with a lid to prevent them from catching dust and bacteria.
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