Katy Perry’s VMAs Hair and Makeup

FalseEyelashesAdmin - August 30, 2017
Katy Perry performs on day 3 of the Glastonbury Festival 2017 at Worthy Farm, Pilton on June 24, 2017 in Glastonbury, England.

Katy Perry’s confident as heck, she wears outfits with bold shoulders and bold earrings, she doesn’t give a fuck about having mermaid hair and she wears as many goddamn layers of false lashes as she damn well pleases! Perry indulged in her goofy sense of humor at the end, flying above the crowd and landing atop a basketball hoop just in time to end the show …

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This False Eyelashes Fashion Probably Won’t Fly

FalseEyelashesAdmin - August 1, 2017
glasses or flies

We’ve all done silly things when we’re not wearing our glasses! Having trouble sticking lashes on without her glasses.. turns out she was trying to glue a dead fly to her eyelid!   If you’re lucky enough to have 20/20 vision, consider yourself lucky; it probably means that you don’t regularly find yourself in embarrassing situations when you’re not wearing your glasses. When those with …

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Flutter And Wink Your Way To Any Of These Falsies Lashes

FalseEyelashesAdmin - July 25, 2017

4 Types of False Lashes You Should Know About Flutter and wink your way to any of these falsies. There are times when you want the eyes to play a bigger role in your makeup look and mascara just won’t do the trick! False eyelashes are a quick fix that’ll take your beat from mediocre to glamorous in an instant and thankfully, there are plenty of options to choose from. Before …

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Everything about Foundations

FalseEyelashesAdmin - May 23, 2016

When you walk right into a space people have to discover you and also not your makeup. If they discover your makeup, your make-up is “worn-out”. If nonetheless they discover you, your makeup is impressive. This is the Sacha ideology. Make-up needs to be used to underscore your finest features as well as far from your less flattering ones. When doing a paint, the artist …

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What Everybody Ought To Learn about Appeal

FalseEyelashesAdmin - May 17, 2016

There are so lots of methods that one can acquire, and then utilize understanding of this field to assist themselves feel more appealing and positive. That stated, no matter what your charm abilities are, here are some pointers that you will discover to be exceptionally beneficial. Utilizing a high qulity tanning cream can make your skin appear more lovely without getting any of the dangerous …

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