Expert Ways To Make Your Lashes Grow

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I now and again sit there and end up wishing my lashes were only a smidgen longer, I have to admit that I’m excessively apprehensive about trying out eyelash extensions I’m also not a false eyelash user neither. So if you are the same way you’re into the possibility of special ideas to make your lashes develop – ways that don’t force you to connect additional lashes to your genuine ones. You might be pleasantly surprised by some of the techniques that can really work. To discover a portion of the ways you might not have thought can really help regular growth, I got in contact with a specialist.

PRO lash artist who has worked on celebrities, and who owns and also is the master beautician of Glam Spa in Westlake Village, California, Shannique Austin let me in on a portion of the interesting ways you can invigorate development of your lashes. What’s more, I should say, some of these techniques are genuinely simple. Without a doubt, the outcomes won’t be showing right away, you’re going to have to be patient with these methods. The best part is, at least your lashes will be all yours. You don’t need to deal with things like lash adhesives, collecting an assortment of falsies, and even thoroughly switching up your cosmetics and cleansing techniques to suit extensions. Here are five less demanding (and more common) approaches to make your lashes develop and look beautiful.



1. Witch Hazel

With strong cell-tightening properties Hazel is a very good product to use. It great for hair growth stimulation and can also help sooth follicles. Carefully apply this product with a cotton swab to your eyelashes before going to sleep at night every night but be very cautious not to get it in to your eyes as this can be very irritating and dangerous.


2. Massage

It is known that massaging the scalp can help promote stimulation for hair growth. Well you can also do that with your eyelids to help stimulate growth for your eyelashes. Just a little caution though “Optometrists warn that rubbing the eyes can cause dark circles, spread infection, and even damage the cornea permanently” Says Austin. So use a castor oil based oil to massage your lashes with. Doing this consistently will give you good results using this hair growing oil.


3. Green Tea

Austin suggested Green Tea. ” Green tea is rich with antioxidant properties which have been said to aid in the stimulation of the growth of lashes,” That’s not all. B-vitamins that are found in green tea can also help fortify the follicles of lashes, she explains. For longer lashes within three months, She also recommends to soak a cotton ball with green tea and put it over your lashes and to just let it sit for around 5 minutes and then to rinse it off


4. Lash Serum

Pro lash artist suggests looking for a serum that is formulated with bioengineered peptides, biotin, and B-vitamins to promote healthy follicles and strengthen lashes without breaking your wallet. Ardell Brow & Lash Accelerator Treatment Gel combines castor oil and aloe vera will help stimulate growth and reduce breakage. Weather you decide to use the serum it’s self or combined with the castor oil you should be able to see results in about a month.




5. Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly helps keep your lashes stay moisturized and helps prevent them from getting brittle and dry. Austin suggests to apply “an ample amount of petroleum jelly to the lashes using a cotton swab.” Next, gently wipe away any excess so as to keep the petroleum jelly from getting into your eyes. After leaving it on overnight, be sure to rinse any remaining petroleum jelly off the next morning. Although there is no evidence of long-term growth benefits of using petroleum jelly for your lashes, Austin mentioned that using this can help keep your lashes looking a bit thicker and will help keep you lashes conditioned.

We hope these professional tips can help you get some really beautiful natural eye lashes. Remember just because you want longer lashes doesn’t mean you can’t grow them yourself. Avoid using false lashes and try out these tips.