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FalseEyelashesAdmin - December 17, 2016

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FalseEyelashesAdmin - December 17, 2016

How To Easily Apply False Lashes Perfectly

FalseEyelashesAdmin - December 17, 2016

Hey everybody, How are you? If you are new to my direct than welcome! So today’s video is going to be a “How To” video on addressing false lashes. I decided to do this video geared towards newbies because, pretty much if you do not know how to apply false lashes, or you are reasonably new than you will be considered a newbie, and hopefully my tips and tricks can help you learn how to apply false lashes readily.

They don’t have to be scary! You’re not going to glue your eyes together or anything like that. If you follow these steps than they should come out pretty good every time! But “if youre trying to” elicited for the purposes of our video than unquestionably keep on watching.

So the first thing are you gonna do before addressing your lashes would be to find out what your slam style is. There are a ton of different lashes types and styles. There could be synthetic lashes, human hair lashes, natural wispier lashes, and even silk lashes. There is also band lashes, which is something that I will be applying today. There are half lashes which are lashes that just go on the outer part of your eyes. And even individual lashes. Then you have to decide what style of lashes you are willing to.


Do you crave something more natural, or whispy? Do you crave something more bombshell, and like voluminous lashes? You really have to choose the style you are able to be interested in.

There are also one tone of brands you can choose from. There’s some really great drugstore eyelashes you can wear. My personal favourites would be the Ardell Lashes, and the KISS Lashes. Ardell Demi Wispies are far and away my favorite drugstore lashes, and they go for about$ 4- $5.

The ones i’m wearing today are actually by Ardell.  So some implements you want to have would be a lash curler, Mascara. You unquestionably crave the slam adhesive. This is the duo eyelash adhesive. You crave some tweezers really to make applying the lashes a lot easier. And than a bit scissors or any duo of scissors to do some trimming.
Optional would be some eye liner really to apply over the top; and I will talk about that in a little bit. Now were going into the steps. Step 1 is you wishes to bend your lashes, and then devote a thin coat of mascara. By doing this you will kind of contribute like a delightful base to your lashes. Your lashes will be curled and they wont be weighed down by the falsies lashes because that can happen. Next you want to grab the false lashes that you choose, and then really row them up with your own lash row be seen to what extent long the band is. If you find that it’s way too long for your heart, you’ll wishes to trim them.

These particular ones were no longer too long for my noses, so I really decorated the two end pieces. Because there was a little extra piece. It’s important that you decorate them because I’ve had lashes that are road too long for me and they would like poke me in the internal part of my heart. And it was not comfortable. You want to make sure they fit, and that road they also gaze most natural and they gaze better. Next you want to apply the eyelash cement of your choice. I’m exerting the duo slam adhesive in the grey clear.

So you want to apply a very thin coating to the band of the lashes and than just let it bone-dry. What I like doing is shaking it in the air really to make sure that it gets a little bit dowdy. And by addressing a very thin coating of adhesive it wont take long for the adhesive to be dowdy. If you add too much glue it’s gonna take forever. Then you want to take your tweezers and establish sure you use that to refer. You can use your fingers or like an eyelash applyer as well.

I find tweezers to be the most wonderful situation to devote my lashes with. And, a tip-off is to really grab them in the middle and apply them right in the center of your heart. Once you do that you want to take it and slide the band all the way to the outer most corner of your lashes. That road they gaze most natural and their not all concentrated on the center of your noses. And, they should fit every single occasion by doing this ruse. Once I started doing this, they almost always looked the road they were supposed to. When I firstly started addressing falsies they ever looked very center heavy-laden because I had no idea what I was doing. So once they are cool some tips you can do to kind of meld them in with your lashes a little bit more would be to take a liquid liner of some sort and really run it along the slam adhesive. Anything that could have happened to the glue you can give with the eyeliner.

So I just like to take any liquid liner and really run it all along the slam stripe, that road it melds it in with your heart more. And then you can also take a little bit more mascara and really contribute it to the bottom hairs to blend in. That road you dont have that double slam impression, and it blends with your eyes perfectly. So that is my How To Address False Lashes video. I truly hope you all enjoyed it. Hopefully it was very easy to follow! And hopefully you learned some new tips and tricks on addressing lashes. I figured I would do this video because I rarely ever devote lashes on camera in lessons. I need to be like this close to the mirror so that I can see what I’m doing. If you guys right now have any question be sure to leave them in specific comments down below. If I failed to mention anything “that youre gonna” bizarre about leave it in a comment and I’ll be sure to answer those questions for you. I’ll have all of the lashes that I mentioned listed down below so you guys right now can check them out.

Especially these falsies because I truly love the lashes that I’m wearing now. They’re called Ardell Studio Effects Demi Wispies the style so i’ll have that listed down below so you guys can check them out if you love wispy lashes like I do.  You guys are aware of the cope it is listed at the purpose of the video. I love you guys so much better and I will see you in my next one, Bye!.

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