How Not to Ruin Your False Eyelashes!


how to clean false eyelashes

Here are a few tips of how not to ruin your false eyelashes and make them last!


If you happen to use false lashes regularly and you notice some of your natural lashes begin to thin or even start falling off. That may be a sign over using false lashes, applying heavy double layers, or taking them out in improperly. You never want to pull them off roughly. rub oil along the lash line to start loosening up the glue by using a q tip.

If you are constantly curling your lashes remember that it may cause your lashes to stiffen which makes it a bit easier for clumps to break off in case you make a wrong move. It can also cause bends over time along the lash pattern. ¬†This can also cause inflammation and when that happens it can cause hair loss and/or lashes to grow in different directions. Make sure to always keep your lashes clean just like you would do with your face and don’t touch with dirty fingers.


As for makeup removers, remember that and oil based make up remover will be the most gentle to your lashes. Even better when you’re wearing waterproof mascara with them. Andrea Eye Q’s Ultra Quick Makeup Remover Pads not only removes stubborn pigments safely, but doubles as a conditioner (because your lashes need love too) as it’s formulated with Aloe and wheat germ oil which nourishes the hair and stimulates growth.


Lastly always remember to completely remove the glue off your falsies. If you don’t it can harden and ruin the band. There are many ways to remove the glue or dissolve the glue and using your fingers is one of the better ways. Use one hand to hold the lashes gently but firmly between forefinger and thumb. With the other hand, pull at the glue until it begins to come away. some glues come off in clumps and some peel off in a string, Regardless of how it comes off make sure to completely remove all of it off until you see the band of the lash again. If there are any trace residues still left over, you can clean your falsies lashes with iso-propyl alcohol with a clean old mascara brush. Let dry and store the clean false eyelashes in the original plastic tray it came in.