How to Reuse and Make Your False Eyelashes Last!

False eyelashes can be expensive.  I love the look of false lashes but I don’t wear them as often as I would like. Plus, they don’t last forever. So how many times you can reuse false eyelashes? If you like certain pairs for special occasions, how do you determine how many lives it has left.
Falsies are not created equally. Some have longer lifespans than others.
Usually, the amount of wears you can get out of a pair depends on how the lashes are made. For instance, natural animal hairs tend to last longer than synthetic hairs. While animal hair lashes are able to provide up to 20 wears. Synthetic or human hair lashes typically provide around 3-8 wears. The band on strip lashes also make a difference.
The thicker bands tend to be more durable than thinner bands. So as difficult it may be to master applying, those thick strips can give you more wears. However, the number of times a pair of strip lashes can be reused is based off how you care for your falsies. Toassure you are getting the most wears from your lashes, here are some tips that can help keep them running like new.
1. Pull Them Off Gently
First run a cotton swab soaked with makeup remover over the lash band. This will loosen the glue so that when you pull them off, the band does not get stretched out.
2. Don’t Add Mascara
Applying mascara on to your falsies will only create buildup. If you feel you must apply, do so in your own lashes only.
3. Try Tweezers
Use tweezers to remove excess glue buildup along the band to keep the lashes clean after using.
4. Soak Synthetics
If your lashes contain natural animal hair, do not soak. For painless cleaning, drop your synthetic lashes in a bowl of olive oil or makeup remover to clean them. Leaving the strip lashes for an hour will help dissolve excess glue and makeup so they are fresh and ready for another use.
5. Sanitize and Store Properly
Soak a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol over the band to make sure the lashes are clean and sanitized. Storing the clean lashes in a lash case or the container they came in will help hold the band’s shape and keep your lashes free of dust. These steps will extend the life of your falsies by at least five wears.